About Rocksmith+
The Rocksmith+ environment includes the PC game, the Creator Portal website, the Back Office website, and the PC workshop desktop app.
The Workshop Tool was designed some time ago, but new features were added, along with design refinement and accessibility adjustments.

This project was handled by Globant, my employer at the moment. I was part of a multidisciplinary team.
My Role
When I joined the project, I was the only UX person responsible for this area. I had to work on top of previous work made by a colleague. I also had to communicate constantly with the design and the engineering team to take all the definitions into shape while considering the technical limitations.​​​​​​​

Main tasks
✓ Do music notation research.
✓ Adjust and refine design files.
✓ Check accessibility compliance and adjust assets that need modifications.
✓ Work side-by-side with the development team and hand-off properly the deliverables and assets.
✓ Design the FTUE.​​​​​​​
PC Workshop Tool
This tool is meant to be used by users who want to create their own arrangements that later will be played by other users in

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