About Nix Hydra
Creators of The Arcana and EGG!, mobile games, and located in Los Angeles, US, Nix Hydra is a mobile game studio with a portfolio of games and apps enjoyed by over 23 million people worldwide.

The project
This project was handled by Globant, my employer at the moment. I was part of a multidisciplinary team.

My role
As the project's Product Owner, my primary goal was to represent the client's vision to the development team. To achieve that, I had to constantly communicate with Nix Hydra and keep track of the client's feedback and expectations. I also managed and made visible the product roadmap and a prioritized list of features for product development.
As the User Experience Designer of the project, I had to run several strategic sessions and interviews with Nix Hydra to extract the client's goals and expectations and the final user needs, pain points, and ideas. That Discovery process was crucial to start the project with qualitative and quantitative data and the criteria to prioritize the upcoming work. During the development phase, I constantly searched user data to define the development team's requirements and provided deliverables with specifications for the UI design.

Problem to solve
In one month, we needed to define the digital web tool we would create. We needed to agree on the scope and significant features. 
The type of web tool this client was expecting didn’t exist, so this phase of the project was crucial to define what we were going to build.
At the end of this phase, we needed to:
✓ Converge on an aligned mental model
✓ Communicate and understand our users
✓ Have a shared vision
✓ Have the basis for decision making as we move forward

We used a lot of UX artifacts during this UX research. This client is based in the USA, so this process was adapted to work remotely.
✓ Stakeholders interview
✓ Strategy blueprint
✓ User interview
✓ Diary study
✓ Tasks analysis
✓ Competitive benchmark
✓ User Personas building
✓ User Personas validation
✓ User Journey session
Online Interviews and Workshops
User Personas
Interaction Flow
User Journey Map

The Discovery process was crucial to align the Stakeholders' and Product visions. At the end of this stage, we had all the guidance to start working on the Production stage. This allowed the Team to prioritize features, plan milestones, and use resources more efficiently.

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