Globant Team's Leadership
The Globant's team led in crafting a big 2K Games title.
When Globant joined the project, the game was facing particular challenges regarding UX and UI quality and workflow. Our mission was to introduce structure and clarity and refresh a beloved game.
Our professionalism and high-quality UX and UI work quickly earned the developing company, opening the door for more profound teamwork, with project leads actively seeking our team's insights and recommendations.
My Role
In my role as UX Tech Lead, my main goal was to elevate the Globant Team by giving support to team members, bridging the gap between Producers and the team, and assigning tasks according to every team member's strengths and growth focus.
At the beginning of my participation in the project, my initial focus was to create and constantly polish the Globant Team’s workflow and give technical support to team members while participating in the delivery process. During this production stage, I also had the chance to be in charge of the UX decisions and deliverables for several game modes.
When I joined the project, the Globant Team was facing a lack of direction and guidance. The participation of the Globant Team in the project dealt with problems such as undefined workflow, team collaboration, and communication with Production and Design.
Process and focus areas
My first step was to focus on those problems by working on:

- An iteration-focused internal team workflow.
- Coach and mentor team members, discovering their strengths and improvement areas.
- The creation of collaboration instances to elevate each team member’s and overall team’s delivery quality.
Impact / Results
The Globant Team's first contract was planned to end in March 2023. Due to our delivery quality and quality improvement over time, the agreement was amended two times, leading to the end date of February 2024. 
The client didn’t renew the contract with the other agency and decided to rely on all the UX work of the Globant Team. They also added a new UI Artist from Globant to the project.

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